Laurel, Maryland - Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC)

SERVICES: Cleaning of Large Diameter Sanitary Sewers • Manhole Inspections

WORK PERFORMED: May 2012 – May 2013


Mr. Glen Diaz, Unit Coordinator, Wastewater Collections Group

(p) 301.206.4378 •

14501 Sweitzer Lane, Laurel, MD 20707

COST: $1,184,000


The project scope consisted of performing light and/or heavy cleaning of existing large diameter sanitary sewer mains located on Prince George’s County Parks and Recreation property and on Commission property in Prince Georges County, Maryland. 4,375 LF included existing sanitary sewer mains range in size from 36 inches up to 102 inches. There are also two siphons associated with this effort. One siphon is a single barrel, 102 inch diameter pipe and the second siphon is a triple barrel with one 36 inch, one 42 inch and one 60 inch pipe. Also included in this work is the construction and installation of a bulkhead to stop upstream Inflow and Infiltration as well as continuous by-pass pumping to dewater the lines to be able to inspect the pipe. We teamed with Brenford Environmental on this project, utilizing their Sewer Hog™ and Grit Gator™ cleaning system. The quantities included:

  • Heavy Cleaning -34”-40” Sewer – 385 LF
  • Light Cleaning -34”-40” Sewer – 385 LF
  • Heavy Cleaning -41”-44” Sewer – 395 LF
  • Light Cleaning -41”-44” Sewer – 395 LF
  • Heavy Cleaning -45”-54” Sewer – 1,580 LF
  • Light Cleaning -45”-54” Sewer – 1,580 LF
  • Heavy Cleaning -55”-62” Sewer – 1,880 LF
  • Light Cleaning -55”-62” Sewer – 1, 880 LF
  • Heavy Cleaning -63”-68” Sewer – 45 LF
  • Light Cleaning -63”-68” Sewer – 45 LF
  • Heavy Cleaning -69”-75” Sewer – 90 LF
  • Light Cleaning -69”-75” Sewer – 90 LF

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