Virginia Beach, Virginia - City of Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities

SERVICES: Inflow/Infiltration Analysis • Manhole Inspections • Zoom Camera Pipe Inspections • Smoke Testing • Pipe Line Cleaning • CCTV Inspections • Hydraulic Modeling • Operational CMOM Audit • GPS Location of Manholes

WORK PERFORMED: July 2013 – 2017


Mr. Steve Motley, P.E., Regulatory Compliance Manager

(p) 757.385.1996 •

Municipal Center, Building 2, 2405 Courthouse Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

FEE: $4,400,000


The services provided by Hydrostructures, LLC) to the City of Virginia Beach Public Utilities Department consists of various sanitary sewer investigative and professional services consisting of but not limited to: data review, data evaluation, interpretation and integration as well as engineering technical memorandums and reports. Field services will consist of SSES related field services and activities that will identify and quantify potential sources of infiltration and inflow(I/I) within specific sewer service areas or subareas. The services to be provided are generally divided into two Phases (listed below) followed by a Condition Assessment Report (CAR) based on an analysis of the field activities and existing data.

Phase 1 activities shall consist of manhole inspections, smoke testing, cleanout plug installation, night flow isolation testing, SL RAT acoustical monitoring; flow monitoring; and rain gauge/monitoring.

Phase 2 activities will include cleaning of mainline sanitary sewer; CCTV inspection of mainlines; CCTV inspection of service laterals; dye flooding/testing; and manhole insert installation. Additional services include temporary flow monitoring, rainfall gauging, RTK GPS location of manholes, groundwater gauge installation, SL RAT acoustical monitoring, and traffic control.

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