Monroe, North Carolina - Union County Public Works

SERVICES: Manhole Inspections • Lift Station Inspection • Sewer System Mapping • GPS/Conventional Surveying • GIS Database Creation

WORK PERFORMED: 2003 – 2010


Mr. Scott Huneycutt, Assistant Director

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500 North Main Street, Monroe, NC 28112

COST: $506,363


The sewer system mapping project was completed in 4 distinct phases to target treatment plant basins with inflow & infiltration concerns. Phasing also aided in hydraulic modeling efforts. Scope included 5 wastewater treatment plant basins, including attribute collection, inspection & real-time kinetic (RTK) survey & mapping of 12,800 manholes, 24,000 cleanouts, 64 pump stations, 100 air release valves, 525 miles of gravity sewer & 65 miles of force mains. We reviewed 2,750 scanned drawings & 2,000 AutoCad drawings to create & maintain the database. RTK provided location of all manholes, pump station wet wells, air release valves & sewer valves within the project area. Manhole inspections with the project area provided attribute data & a structural & I/I analysis of each manhole. Additional scope included compilation of all data including invert elevations & pipe grades for use in hydraulic modeling and performance of detailed pump station inspections (15 large pump stations & attribute collection on 49 minor pump stations). Following successful completion of the sewer project, we were selected to perform RTK survey & data collection on the water system which consists of 40,000 water meters & 960 miles of water mains. Data was incorporated into the ArcSDE database monthly until project completion. Hydrostructures obtained and georeferenced AutoCAD and scanned TIF record drawing files to build and attribute the water system.


During the course of the project, Hydrostructures designed a database for use inside the County’s ESRI ArcSDE GIS system. The resulting water and sewer databases have become key tools for engineering and maintenance staff. The work Hydrostructures completed allowed us to provide the client with periodic manhole repair schedules that the County’s rehabilitation crew used to repair over 700 manholes. Additional benefits realized by the County included the installation of the sewer GIS into the County’s server which allowed Public Works to view the data over the County intranet. The data is also used inside a custom work order system. We also assisted the County in drafting digital as-built specifications that ensured future data delivered would seamlessly flow into the GIS.

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