Water System Assessment

Water System Assessment

The  specialized Investigator technology is part of our in-house capabilities.



The Investigator brings  specialized technology and benefits to our clients and is focused on pipeline assessments and inspection solutions.

  • Corrosion detection
  • CCTV assessment
  • Leak detection
  • Pipeline asset location

The Investigator can access pressurized water mains.

  • Via hydrant
  • Via hot tap, directly in the main
  • Navigate up or down stream

It also allows above-ground locating to:

  • Locate pipe breaks
  • Locate buried assets
  • Locate cross connections
  • Map system

Visual and acoustic data includes:

  • Leakage surveys
  • Condition assessment
  • Valve assessment

The Investigator is simple and cost-effective and is capable of inspecting pipelines up to 600 feet from a single access point.